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Old 31/10/2011, 10:34 PM
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Default People using their role function

Whats your experiences of people using their role function?

Here's some examples i've had recently:

An ISTp trying to guess the motives for an unexpected outcome. Basically this involves imagination and ability to project that imagination onto foresight. The ISTp's production is totally basic and laughable - probably better if he didn't say anything.

An ENFp trying to be tough and forceful. Just seems like a little girl who's got a strop on and not to be taken seriously.

Are all role functions that bad? I'd like to think that the role function should be sufficiently developed to get by, or maybe we should all just stick to our ego block?
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Old 04/11/2011, 04:05 PM
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I think we should stick to our ego when we want to achieve something with our lives. But role can be strong too and do some really great job. I remember one ISFp poetess, who is classic. And poetry is Ni. Or Jim Morrison, who I think might have been actually ISFp looking a lot like ENFj. I think the only bad thing with it, is that we can used it well only for a short time. But so good as it seems to be the first function.

Hope it helped.
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