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Old 26/05/2011, 05:42 AM
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Default Re: Typing

Keep the inbox messages coming! So far my type analysis been quite successful and has helped those who have participated narrow down their type possibilities, shed more light about Socionics, and some have even completely confirmed their type. I encourage more people to send me a private message just to see what comes out of it.

For those who have gotten a type analysis already, do me a favor and post in this thread! Give feedback on how accurate the analysis was, what your analyzed type is/whether you agree with it or not, and any constructive criticism you may have about the typing method I employ.

Happy typing!

-David, EIE
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Old 26/05/2011, 08:04 AM
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I've found your opinion on the matter very useful - mostly for giving me the extra push to reconsider a typing of INTj/LII over INTp/ILI more seriously than I had previously. While my rather humble understanding of Socionics combined with an overly analytic nature may still lead me to examine the differences in LII and ILI in more depth to decide for certain, I feel more confident relating to the various LII elements-as-functions (although I may now be biased as well - perhaps recognition of that is in itself an LII trait?). Your observation of traits that I'd perhaps attributed inadequate importance to has helped with that, at any rate; I think I was probably too focused on comparing myself to the four letter codes - rather than the actual elements - due to previous exposure to Myers-Briggs.


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analysis, type identification

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