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Old 15/05/2006, 04:06 AM
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Default 2 4 8 16....

types, subtypes, subsubtypes....

The great thing about personality theories is you can define as deeply as you like and support all the gradations with lofty ideas that can be connected with words and more lofty ideas. And believe me, I really love lofty ideas- and use them daily. Yet to be effective you must realize thier useful scope. If I start with one single dichotomy- say Thinking vrs Feeling- and I can reliably decide which a person prefers; then I may be able to understand or even predict a persons behavior that is related to that particular dichotomy. But there is always an interval of uncertainty, a certain amout of behavior that just goes against what would be expected. When you add another criterion- say s vrs n- the uncertainty doesn't add: it multiplies at best. Add a third and the water gets even more muddy. Then we account for the fact that all these dichotomies are not switches on or off but vary by degrees. The end result is that the more you delineate and refine you broaden your area of application but you limit your level correspondence with reality, and therefore you limit your reliability and confidence in application. This is fine and useful IF you realise it is the case, but if your looking for concrete gradations that you can see, judge, and depend on: you have to stay with the first dichotomy at most and depending on the psychological fitness of the individual maybe not even that!

We hunger for calculus- what we have is a vieled probability.
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Old 15/05/2006, 01:51 PM
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Default Re: 2 4 8 16....

Nicely put together. Yes, we are dealing with a human being, therefore there are no simple 1s and 0s. We have to consider what is in the middle as well - 0.7643768484 and 0.3233753735737376353, etc. So you round it up and see whether it is closer to 1 or to 0: if x < 0.5 then x = 0 else x = 1, but you need to find 0.5 in the first place. The only way you can do this is if you definitely know what is 1 and what is 0, because if you don't when you are close to the real 0.5 you start getting massive increases in uncertainty. So that's why the opposite ends of a dichotomy should really appear as black and white, and the more contradictory they are the better. This creates yet another problem, it gets interpreted literally. As it happens it looks like the whole system looses its validity in a glimpse. People start complaining that they are not extremely like this or like that. So as long as you know where are the limits and can operate within the defined range you should be ok.
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