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Old 19/10/2010, 07:55 AM
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Default your resident permanoob and zodiacs


I've come to the conclusion that the chinese and grecco-roman zodiacs at the least, have been developed over time, not arbitrarily, but due to observations that lead to changes over time, we live on a planet that is cyclical, and it's no coincidence that things like seasonal affective disorder and so forth occur, during specific seasons, both zodiacs do a rotation/cycle, and up until recently, the human life expectancy didn't really go far up or down throughout the centuries in general

because of this, I think it may be plausible that over time people made the zodiacs, or used them/modified them, to fall in line with a specific purpose, well two, one of which I'd support and the other not, the one I wouldn't support is that the date you are born actually always, and definitely affects you, a la destiny

the second one, that I do think is reasonable to base one's actions on, is that certain times of the year tend to bring out more of a certain kind of person's personality, depending on when they're born and so on, there's all kinds of things that can effect personality, and temperatures and all that aside, because sickness can effect a child during pregnancy for instance, and certain times of year are more prone towards people being sick, AS WELL as genetics, which themselves may play a part in when people choose to have kids...

I've come to the conclusion that the zodiacs are kind of cool~, well no I've always thought of them as kind of cool, for the same reason that I like socionics and the MBTI, but also they're simpler and easier to get

the chinese one, is based on years, I was thinking perhaps that's due to generational similarities in terms of length of year and so on, and once again, that these are merely frameworks used to dictate a likely personality for a year or so roughly due to societal pressures

but all of this aside, I think the more information the better, you can always choose to disregard useless stuff

also, warning, your zodiac information can be used to pinpoint how old you are, and a very small period of time in which your birthday is, so I suggest you do not post the zodiac as given by the dates, but rather post which ones you think apply to you best

as for me I'm going to disregard my own warning, and I've gone through 4 zodiacs

grecco-roman, chinese, celtic and mayan, and I don't care if they're commercialized to be honest, I don't put my faith in astrology, but the typography is rather interesting

gemini, tiger, oak, blue self existing hand

the first two are probably the easiest to do, the mayan thing was just flat out confusing, and the celtic one, well, whatever

anyways, as it turns out that's based on the dates, as it also turns out, I find gemini and tiger fit me very well, it's very possible that due to my reading into things and habit of trying to make them happen if I like them, I made them fit despite not naturally being that way, but now that I'm that, I'm that

I used insults, criticisms and complaints to verify because those are bitter pills to swallow and the only way I'd do it is if I thought that's what people thought of me and I figure that the zodiac typography is relative to the rest of the population, so.... I should base it off what everyone thinks of me, and have found that I am in fact definitely a gemini and tiger as my type, the other two I'm less concerned about but they were reasonably close so I let it sit

if you are interested, post as many of the 4 that you fit, (1 for each zodiac, and the best fit of course, if you use the negative comment selection process thing it works really well I think because it avoids the whole "this is pleasing I'll take it!" aspect of things)

and then, if you've read through them all, post which ones you'd LIKE to be (if you can sift through the mayan calendar thing, well... godlike patience, it's not for me, and since I realize all the zodiac signs are everyone to a degree, try to pick the one that is MOST like you

one of the weaknesses of personality thingies is that they can't cover everything, but there IS strength in numbers...and perhaps a lot of them can reasonably cover your tendencies and preferences and personality in general

oh and I'm an INTP in the MBTI, and INTx in socionics

so to recap

gemini, tiger, oak, self existing blue hand, (MBTI) INTP, (Socionics) INTx, and either I'm a victim of "oh this is SO me" or more likely, I'm one of a very "lucky" few who's actual brith times really match me up to the zodiac quite well, wouldn't be the first time

also, please note, what I act like online, is only a little like how I act offline, and I'm writing this as I burnout from caffeine dependency and withdrawal o.O

reason for edit I'm assuming anyone can read, so here's the new text~
I freaking love my zodiac signs
all of them. especially the gemini and tiger, those two the most, I adore them, fire and air, typical elemental logic via simplistic views of how elements work would dictate the combination leads to lightning/thunder, I like that a lot :>
and my Socionics and MBTI types too :P I guess I'm very single minded, but that's okay with me

oh, and I also like athena, zeus and odysseus, and since I like to win, nike

might as well go with mythological entities you like as well, let's say up to 4 a person, any mythologies! I'm a grecophile to boot

Last edited by mystery; 19/10/2010 at 08:01 AM. Reason: I didn't post what I LIKED, I guess I should set an example :P
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Old 20/10/2010, 12:18 PM
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=S 8 people checked it out and not one response o.O

I hope they're taking the request to heart and just working on it diligently, since no one's actually stated disagreement with the notion that more typification systems used would bring about more points of view that would in all likelihood increase the accuracy and capability to explain how one is different or the same as others O.o

even if there are biases in personal selection of a personality type thing based on zodiacs for instance, because of their not really changing nature in descriptions, it would easily say a lot about your cognitive biases all the same, as long as one analyzes the choices
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