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Old 30/05/2008, 01:56 AM
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Lightbulb the environment people create

Sure personality types revolve around people......but can we not say that the remnants of what people create are products of the personality types as well?

Can music itself( all the genres ) not be labelled by type along some level of reasoning....

what about the different eras: The 50's, the 60's, the 80's etc. Were certain types of people not "successfull in one era but not another"?? what sort of type dynamics then did that era have ??

"If u cant change yourself then u change your environment"

....just something to consider....
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Old 31/05/2008, 12:37 PM
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I saw a really ugly guy today with a really hot girl. This interested me in some way. I wonder what I would have thought if this is what I saw when looking at a mirror, as who cares if you're ugly if you've got a hottie? I probably would, because although I don't care about being attractive as such, respect for ones body can be good.

But then I also saw a guy in his twenties in a weelchair, this made me sad. So overall I think things are probably ok for the metaphorical 'us.'

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