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Old 24/10/2011, 07:55 PM
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Cool Let me introduce my new work: Anastasiya INFP Video!


Esenin Or Hamlet? Frankly, at the time of shooting the video - I thought that it Hamlet. Well, that did not spill the beans ))) I Socionics, which explicitly states that can mistake. And that's why I - steeper than the rest, who allegedly believed that "can not mistake" ))))
But I will draw conclusions about what pre-release version at the first 5 minutes - gives a high accuracy. However - it all fits into the stated statistics: approximal typing gives about 10% of cases more often than typing error in the protocol.
It also makes sense to discuss it for a gain on the Si. Maybe it's - surprise of the subtypes. For example, the fact that she was fond of dancing in it - is more developed understanding of the aesthetics of the surrounding space. Nonetheless version of Dumas was also rejected because it also gave a clear understanding about themselves that she had Ne - antivalues ​​function and behaves as a typical restrictive function. Also in favor of it Esenin not Hamlet, found signs of pain in an interview he was a member: "So, as my parents told me that dancing - it's not profession - the case had to throw ...". As part of my methodology, which uses RD as in this video shows clear signs of positivism and Questim(which is not typical of Dumas). (Now, I think, and why was I then took it into her head in Hamlet Typing? - Probably I'm addicted to some type Hamlets that Brown women - like it (I have 3 of these. Among them: Irma Vitovkaya))
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Old 27/10/2011, 10:48 AM
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Attention! Posted! Anastasia Esenin demonstrates his imaginative, full of mystery, mysteries and beauty

I can imagine how I talk to President Putin: "Way way way Ooty Ooty Puty" And then imagine how I talk to Himself Yanukovych on implementing a global Socionics nationwide )))
The case of Socionics not easy, but it's worth the effort )))

Anastasia Esenin really like Saskatoon DOOM and all that is associated with it. When I told her about this game, it's all lit up straight in her play zhelniem: demons, devils, skeletons and ghosts zombie mutants BRR ... ! How interesting))))))

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Old 27/10/2011, 07:35 PM
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I talk with Anastasia about of dual relationships. Know! that you will find with dual spiritual enlightenment! When you are thinking like a Dual, the way he thinks, what he thinks - your mental capacity grow many times! And you become stronger as a whole army!

Anastasia Yesenin gives me advice on Fi. Unfortunately, due to not knowing socionics not because of knowledge of my case in this situation, it just missed guessing. The very fact that slip into conjecture - indicates that there is dissonance in Ne - the difference between the typical situation of interaction on a scale of "Judgement Decisiveness" or where the face value and anti values Ne function. However: this kind of approach I still need and I'm sure, whether it knowledge at the right level to - it would suggest a strong function of its position that something more useful!

Anastasia shows her diplomatic abilities. Unfortunately, we could not agree on the optimal timing. This effect I rate as "the dissonance of Ni" - precisely on this ground there was a confrontation.
The conversation was dull = As the result of dissonance of Ni.
If we consider the model of a Robespierre and Yesenin - some of it is clear that Ni is antivalues function in a model of Robespierre and the value of model A Yesenin. - That there is a practical confirmation of Socionics.

Anastasia talks with Rostislav. I was intrigued by Anastasia fact that for a long time did not inform her of her type. At that point I still thought that she Hamlet, but essentially decided not to divulge! Well that did not spill the beans! However, after a while, it was at this meeting - I realized that was wrong: It is Yesenin!

Balzac me hurt. I demand compensation for injury!
In this regard, Anastasia, How Yesenin shows himself not at its best, irritating me with his illusions and unreal attitude to life. From her words it can be concluded that the "spirit can do everything" - is nonsense. By the way - this is yet another example of the dissonance of Ne: a "conflict of views on the possibilities and their limits" - I described in the article: "The relations on the basis of Reynins"
If moral hazard exists objectively - it can not be just get rid of the installation. It can only be compensated.

Now imagine that you - running towards the wall. You did - that the installation of the wall in front of you not, can you guarantee that the wall does not run? - This idea actually BAYAN. Question: is - that led me to this ineffective creative activity? - That the information on aspects of dissonance "intuition and sensory" - is a manifestation of the typical relationship: different scale: Judiscious - Descisious.
Other facts of information dissonance: "What a load if you can marry life?" - Her words. In my opinion, "Where proves fact that this could be?" "Or maybe: it just drives? - Think ?...." - Again the dissonance in the relationship ... On semantics - aspect corresponds Ne.
Another mistake: I asked, "Why do you think that this is just?" - The answer: "It's not Simple" and then: "Simply ..."
- It is a conflict at the level of intuitive assessment of the situation: when colliding with the unknown. This effect was also painted in my article "relations on the basis Reynina" - and also characterizes the relationship, different in scale Judiscious - Descisious. Where I am, as Robespierre - Judiscious, she, like Esenin - Descisious
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