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Old 15/05/2012, 10:36 PM
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Default Understand the Feeling function

The Feeling function is still something very hard for me to grasp, before I used to confuse it with Sensation but lately I have been realizing that Feeling is somehting else that I am not aware of.

This is very temptative and unorganized, just few thoughts out of thin air. I will think about organizing my thoughts later.

At the most basic level the Feeling function informs us about our emotional disposition towards objects. It operates in a binary fashion: rejection or acceptance of the object. It is still pretty emotional at this level, it may be coupled with sensations and strong emotions. Quite brutal. If something is unpleasant it is not capable of coping with it or operating on it to change it. If you are not pleased with the action of a person, you just experience extreme unacceptance/anger/... You may choose either to face the person, and you will appear quite brutal that you will get nowhere, but rather be perceived as aggressive. Or you will refrain from expressing yourself, knowing that your expression won't be accepted, so it may happen that tension builds up in you until you explode at one point. Your emotions are not well worked out, so you avoid emotional expression so that you don't loose control of yourself. But unfortunately, this reserve causes people to perceive you as dry and thus may not connect with you, because they see nothing to connect with. But if you happen to love an object, then you will get sticky, and unfortunate is the person who happens to be that object.

At a higher level the Feeling function allows you to maintain a more flexible emotional give and take with the environnment. There is less brutality and stiffness, and more craftiness and malleability. If you are not pleased with the behaviour of someone you will let it get the message without offensing it. If you see a watch that pleases to some extent but that has a part of it that is not very beautiful to you, you would tell yourself "It musn't show if I wear this or that with it", instead of brutally rejecting it. But at this level one still avoids emotional involvement with people, but the difference here is that it may be used if it allows one to realize a certain objective. That is not possible at the first level of the Feeling function.

Now at the third level one appreciates the complexity of emotions and considers them as a quite complex engine that allow you to maintain and form relationships with people and even to solve complex social or aesthetic problems in a pretty unconscious way in the sense that it cannot be cognitively apprehended or deciphered by the mind. It becomes the motor of creativity and is capable of shifting perceptions altogether to reach new ways of viewing different viewpoints, and in this respect it can allow the person to sympathize better with others. It can also imitate the reactions of people to know what they are feeling It fuses the different elements of a situation and keeps in its memory the actual situational "what it feels like", and it uses these later on to arrive at decisions.

Now comes the level at which what Segrei Ganine calls "the electromagnetic field of Feeling" is realized. It realizes that humans are connected at an emotional spiritual level even though they're physically seperate entities. The Self dissolves itself in "others", and it sees humanity as one entity. Whenever one sees its object of love, there happens a strong "electromagnetic field" that both people feel, and it allows the behaviours and thoughts to be parallel or in accord, without any conscious effort. One always knows what the other is feeling because the feeling is contagious. Active imagination combined with the active empathy (imitating others reactions to know what they feel) creates intensive feelings of connection with a person even if it is not present.

There might be a higher level.

These are my first thoughts, tell me what do you think? I personally am still at level one, even though I rarely go a bit up to level 2.

So at what level are you?
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