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Old 09/08/2007, 12:48 PM
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Originally Posted by WhyMustWeKill View Post
No offense, but although this theory is possible, I find it to be unlikely. Now what I don't understand, no offense to anyone on these forums, but why can someone make a theory like this that is less plausible than my theories, but I get told that I am not an INTj, and called stupid and such for the theories that I make.
It has been two months that I am observing your posts. I don't see how you can have Ti as a dominant or even as a creative function. You very rarely explain anything at all. Even if we ask you to show that something is logically consistent or inconsistent you refuse to do it.

The first time you posted your theory I remember myself asking you to define the word energy, you ignored my demand. Can you tell me how is that Ti?

Though I have Ti in second position I remember myself using Ti excessively at age 15 or 16, and even more at 17 and 18. Note that at that time I knew nothing about Jungian functions. For example it was a hobby to study the proofs in math and physics though it wasn't necessary. Even now, in mathematics I have a small bad way of thinking. I donot do application exercises, because I believe that being able to do proofs exercices is everything required... and than I consider the professor an idiot for not having given proofs as much as I want, I get a good grade, but not the one I believe I deserve. I hate calculations, much more than you can imagine. When I explain something to someone I imagine what the other might have as questions in mind. A female friend talled me few months ago that when I explain to her something she feels that I moved away from the subject. But in fact I don't believe this is true. The problem is that I might approach something from a different angle in order to show deep mechanisms or to show how is what I want to explain consistent with something else. Another thing (but I don't know whether this is Ti or not), I like to use the least possible basic information/axioms, I think that the more basic information are used, the more confused one can get. The solution is to spot the relation between ideas as much as possible and than to choose the original infos.

Before one starts to theorize about something (here socionics) it has to be sure that it understood the basics. How do you start theorizing without even knowing what does Ti mean?
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