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Old 06/08/2007, 08:42 PM
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Default INTjs and the Super Ego and Super ID

I have said before that I think that functions manifest themselves differently in different people. Take Se and Fi for example. You have both + and - Se, and + and -Fi. It is in my opinion that +Fi is more similar to -Fe and -Fi is more similar to +Fe than +Fi and -Fi are similar. In the INTjs super-ego block you have +Se and -Fi. +Se is about willpower. It is also about retention of authority and defense stances. +Se is also about deduction of authority. -Se would be viewed as the assertive Se, the offensive Se. -Se could actually be viewed as an INTjs hidden agenda. -Se could be viewed as an INTjs drive to eliminate authority. This is where INTjs gain their ability to attack unfair situations. +Se in the PoLR and -Si in the hidden agenda interact to create the justice impression that INTjs produce. Due to +Se being the PoLR in an INTj, an INTj naturally lacks willpower. INTjs also lack the ability to retaliate. A large portion of the socionics fanbase misinterprets an INTjs PoLR. Many people inferred that INTjs have some elements of -Se in their PoLR. -Fi in the Super-Ego block is very weak also. -Fi could be viewed as accessibility to negative emotions. Often, many INTjs find themselves out of place at funerals or places in which vile acts have taken place. For instance, if a girl were to get raped, an INTj may find this logically inconsistent with their beliefs, but they would not know how to demonstrate negative emotions towards to act. Many INTjs will actually start to think of themselves as too cold, or they may think that there is something wrong with them for not being able to feel emotions towards inhuman acts committed against other people. +Fi and -Fe are the dual seeking functions for an INTj. This would mean that the best fit for an INTj would be an ESFj or an INFj +Fi/-Fe subtype.
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