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Old 15/10/2011, 09:36 PM
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Cool Calculator of Reinin Dichotomies Now ONLINE;)))

Direct link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65a7qvbGS9s

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Download can be found here:
Once downloaded, Excel-file - allow to use "macros do not disable macros." If this menu does not appear go to: Tools-Macro-Security, select Medium security level, and then restart Excel. Then dialogvoe menu should always appear.

Author: Yaroslav V. Polozov, Neganov Yuri Ivanovich, Alyaksandr Rybak.
Translated from the language Pascal (DOS-version) in Excel and create a visual interface -
Bobin Andrey (at sots.forumah - deepexp),


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Old 03/11/2011, 01:20 PM
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Here is the translation of my presentation speech!

Let's start your lesson using the Calculator Reyninís dichotomy. First you must enter values ​​for some of you suggested scales. Values ​​can be entered in two ways: using the slider or by manually clicking on the special cell. Values ​​choose wisely! Remember that each percentage exhibited exactly the implied warranty of Socionics, which he claimed Typing exact percentage of cases. Explain each meaningful percentage of what and where you have been took - because that is the way to achieve accurate typing.
After entering the values ​​- click the "Calculate" - and the program will give you the answer.
Note that moving the slider - you can not establish the accuracy higher than 95%. This can only be done by clicking on a special cell, as if hinting that achieve accuracy above 95% - is not easy
Now, I'll demonstrate how to increase the number of defined dichotomies as well as their accuracy is achieved by improving the overall accuracy of the final version - the main advantage of using dichotomy Reyninís!
You may also download an English version here:
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