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Default Re: Something to get off my chest

i didn't say ding ding to be rude ..... sorry for that.... im just saying that if you say that a can of soda "is full and upopened" you are you are stating a definition that is entirely theoretical in origin. You look at it as 5 individual cans only because its is a societal structure of what a "can of soda" is. Now, if you totally remove the concepts that society, or individuals place around certain objects of measure.... which is exactly what a particle is.... ,a particle is a man made idea, then there are not exact amounts of anything. Now if you look at things of not having definite structure as society places upon things.... things can continue to be broken down continuously, thats all im stating. The ding ding was to indicate that what you said actually reinforced my argument, i was saying it to disrespect you are anything, sorry if i offended you.
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