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Originally Posted by Syndil View Post
Nevermind, I have found the information I was looking for. However, I am still unconvinced that duality is the best relationship type. For instance, as an INTp, I think an ESFp would drive me nuts. I see that that has actually already been discussed in the forums from an ESFp's point of view.

Keirsey suggests pairing rationals with idealists, or artisans with guardians, and ideally, opposites on all but the S or N. However, I am quite certain my ideal partner would be an INFj, as opposed to an ENFj.

An INFj does not need verbal reassurances of love (very much unlike an ESFp) which is perfect, since I do not give them.

An INFj is very empathetic to their partner's emotions, which is perfect, because I don't show them.

An INFj likes to feel useful and cannot refuse a task if asked, which is perfect, because I am lazy and unorganized, and need someone to take care of the little details in life for me.

An INFj needs compliments, but only if they feel they are very sincere. Again, perfect, because I give compliments only out of sincerity.

I wonder if the previously-mentioned ESFp would similarly be most content with an ESTj.

Of course, as an INTp, my thoughts are never set in stone, and I welcome feedback or critiques. Since I am a newbie to this, I realize that I may have made a very fundamental error in my thought process without knowing it.

So you basically want someone to do all your housework and you don't want to learn how to grow up and learn to deal with your weaknesses?

Can I suggest a thai bride?
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