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Um, just to address the ESFp description and add some of my experience w/this type: their feelings are changeable, but, imo & ime, not in the way you described in the first couple of posts.

Chances are, if ESFp feelings over a person/situation change, you may not even know it! They aren't exactly into outward expression of the way they feel. They can hint at it and re-adjust the psychological distance between themselves and the other party, might even be explicit about it, or just apply some pressure and make things uncomfortable for the other person - breaking down and crying over apologies isn't exactly thier gig.

Also, ime, INTp will not stand for most kinds of drama/crying/emotional reaction. Maybe if sth major is at stake, perhaps, but not *usually*. This guy you described seems pretty chill with it and appears able to handle it just fine

I also suggest Fe-valuing quadra for you. I'm not sure though as i don't really know you, but feel free to ignore if you think it's way off

Just my 2 cents
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