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uhhh... trust me, I'm NOT an ESFj. or an ISFp. I've encountered both ENTp's & INTj's in my life... and no. not ever would I consider a relationship of ANY sort with them. well, maybe an ENTp...

and the new guy I'm getting cozy with is DEFINITELY an ENTj. He's amazing, I think everyone should have an ENTj around. I had no money and very little gas in my car when we went to Sonic to get some food. I thought he might be uncomfortable in the summer heat while we waited for our food, so I turned the car back on to cool us down. He turned the A/C off and said I shouldn't run my car. I was like, "oh". and so I turned the car off.

oh, oh, oh... here's a really sweet thing he did recently. so we got into an argument of sorts, which lead to me being in tears. He APOLOGIZED (amazing, I know), but I was still a little hurt. So I drove him back to his place and he was like "well, I guess this means I'll never see you again" and I said "that's not true..why do you say that?" and he replied "'cause I guess I'm a jerk"... anyway, I didn't have any gas (again...) and as I drove off, I saw that he had left a 5 dollar bill on a cup holder. OMG, I was like... how sweet...

Whenever I'm in a bad mood, he'll do whatever he can to take me out of it... it doesn't always work, but omg is it endearing...
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