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Default ISFp and ISTp

OK, I suppose to get to this once and for all, what do you think the differences are between ISFp and ISTp?

I've always got on with Delta types, yet I get on with Alpha types too, so i'm not entirely sure about inter-type relations.

Well, i'm open to suggestions and input.

In regards to relating this to myself and my own type - I would say that for it to be resolved completely - I would probably need to post some photos which i'm not sure about. Suffice to say there's some photos where I think I look ISFp and some where I look rather ISTp - ie with the sort of long, 'rounded' ie no hard edges shape to face, so dunno re that. I think i've posted some photos before, maybe i'll post some more.

Hmm, re HA, I think I can relate to 'to love', but who can't? I'm not so sure about 'to understand' - although it's possible. Maybe that I seem to be reasonably clever helps me with 'understanding' in the superficial sense, or at least I think I do, notice that I 'seem' - the word used, i'm no egghead!

Either way, whether ISTp or ISFp, i'm not particularly bothered about the label per se, although clearly some final clarity would be useful, at least betrayed by my post! I guess what i'm getting at is, I don't think that being T or F makes any difference to intellectual capacitance for instance, and i'd like to think that regardless of the type, i'd still be the same person, and always hoping to improve.

FWIW - I think an extraverted type, should that be suggested, is pretty much outlandish for me. I fit Jungs definition and socionic definition of I quite well I think, i'm quite inner focused amidst my own thoughts and impressions, even when i'm not feeling shy or something, and although at times can interact with the world quite vigourously, I still think my overall 'internalness' wins through.

Edit: I should probably add, that these days I just tend to think of myself as IP-Si more often than not, as I think some of you might know, but apparently we have one preference over another?

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