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Originally Posted by natemaldonado View Post
I didn't laugh per se. I just kind of stood there and was thinking what the hell is she crying about. I could tell she was a weepy type who is used to crying over dumb things which she was, and it had nothing to do with my behavior towards her so I knew it wasn't my issue to resolve. I'm usually fairly stoic in nature, so when I saw her crying, the smile was a reaction of a oh jesus how ridiculous is this.
SLE are attracted towards women who display emotions, they rush to offer comfort, that's what I have noticed. Reaction of that ridiculousness is also the reaction to goofiness you feel that's also Fe PoLR, just like ILI put up a fire squad to people who show extreme excitement/display of dramatic enthusiasm you have the same reaction to those who cry...not exactly putting up a firing squad, per se, but feeling like it's all ridiculous. SLE have problems with recognizing the fragile internal emotions in others; tell me, have you ever sensed that your mom or someone you loved was not crying but felt a little emotion on the inside, like that look they get when they don't talk to you or look away? You just kinda get the feeling that something is under the skin of the person that they are not discussing with you? If yes then you value Fi, as in Fi is your activation function, if no and you are devoid of feeling these internal sensations in others then you are SLE. I hardly feel that you are SLE...but anyway, try that out.

My SLI X used to sense these emotions in me when I did not cry or say anything and used to say things like "I know you're bothered by something, I can feel it"; I remember those things about him and he used to feel obligated to use Si to make my internal self feel good, by either discussing the issue with me or providing a movie or music as a distraction; SLE completely pass that by, like they aren't even looking in that direction...that is one of the reasons why conflicts build up between myself and SLE type, because at that moment where I am internally feeling bad and they can't recognize it, they are not giving me the attention I need to feel better and my internal emotions just get louder and louder until I cry, and when I cry, SLE rush to comfort me, but again the cycle continues because my internal emotions need to be monitored all the time by Si leading type, otherwise, I will grow into unhealthy states.

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