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Default Re: The narrow-mindedness of Russian Socionics

Is this really the way people are about Socionics in Russia?

My initial experiences with Jungian typology(maybe this is an American thing) is that extroverts are usually regarded as the inferior type, introverts being more "self aware" and rationals being the most "intelligent"

And who tends to top the list?

I'd say INTj and INTp.

I think that everyone has a secret and imaginary jealousy of some other type for whatever reason- usually its based upon the spirit of the times. Alpha is in, its #1 so its the best.

But if you look at the internal complexities of the information Delta and Beta have advantages over Alpha just as much as Alpha has over them. The idea of differences in information are not biased.

The non-biased approach is what drew me to socionics.
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