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Default Re: Things you have to know about enneagram

"People who prefer the instinctive centre have a lot of energy. They consider enormously important the fact that others have to be honest with them. They are preoccupied by their security. In a given situation, they want to be strong and have control. They estimate power ( in the sens of domination and having control) as an efficient way of action on others and themselves. Since this control and this power can never be absolute, they feel anger, whether it is conscious or not, accepted or not, expressed or not. They can be rancorous. They are occupied by the good and the bad and by justice. They have a tendancy to think in binary terms: black or white, good or bad, fair or unfair, friend or ennemy... In the enneagram model, types 8,9 and 1 prefer the instinctive centre."

People who prefer the emotional centre interprete life through their emotions which they voluntarily express. They have the desire of being in relation with others and wait in return from them to share their emotions; they feel a kind of sadness because the contact/relation with others can never be as intimate as they wish. They are sensitive to the image they project. They intuitively understand others and their emotions and know how to take them into consideration in order to adapt their behaviour. Attentive in priority to the emotions that they perceive their changing character, they have, consciously or not, a certain uncertainty about their identity. In the enneagram model, types 2, 3 and 4 prefer the emotional centre.

People who prefer the mental centre want to know and possess information. When we communicate with them, they appreciate that this is done with objectivity and without a lot of emotional charge. They react to stress by withdrawal and reflexion. They analyse situations with rationality; if they think they are right, they stay on their position and cannot be convinced by other arguments. They usually have a sens of intellectual superiority; they can show it by a corrosive sens of humour. Since their reason does not allow them explain everything, they feel, consciously or not, a certain anxiety. In the model of enneagram, types 5, 6 and 7 prefer the mental centre. .

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