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Originally Posted by Nocturnality View Post
Is the silence a sign of disinterest or a common understanding of the topic?
I find this quite thought provoking for a number of reasons. In my opinion there are many complexities which make me step back to ponder.

For example, using the Turbo test to select one's ideals made me think a bit. In my opinion the Turbo test is overly simplistic and has a residual bias which makes it difficult to confidently decide between options.

I took the turbo XL using your method and the result was that ESFj is my ideal. In my opinion this is very intriguing for a number of reasons. Principally that I consider myself an introverted thinking type with intuition(though I have issues with the J/P dichotomy as it is represented on this website). Before gaining this result I hypothesized that an ideal was likely to resemble both a combination of the dual and the identical because, ultimately, the dual and the identical are the same thing though one side is the subconscious of the other. When I took the test I did so in a detached manner, off-the-cuff. I did not expect any particular result, even though I had some initial hypotheses which I did not think would result using the turbo XL test.

Logically a superior person has a healthy balance between all functions, but that the arrangement of functions must be logical( extraverted irrational must pair with introverted rational and vice versa, etc.)

The dual behaviors are best integrated into the conscious mind by exposure to the dual or a 'work on oneself'. The ideal of such a person will equal a balance between the identical and the dual.

some of the preferences in the test I left unanswered because i felt that they could not be answered or were not appropriate, not correctly formulated or were unworthy of answering, etcetera.

It seems that there are some problems with this method because all tests carry a human element which can be flawed and not compatible with alternative methods of testing such as this one. But despite this I think that the results are interesting and that this idea you have could be developed further.

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