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Default Ideals and typing

If I take the turbo xl test and fill in the options as I figure optimal or most ideal which type will come out in relation to socionics intertype relations?

In other words which relationship demonstrates the relationship between two individuals who consider each other ideal or?

EDIT; if the question above is possible to answer this might be a good way to determine your type because it is sometimes easier to fill in the options the way you consider ideal rather than the way you truly are.

EDIT 2; potential candidates for idealistic perception of each other or other in intertype relations brought out as candidates by own perception of relevance to the topic - Relations of Activity, Relations of Semi-Duality, Conflicting Relations, Super-Ego Relations, Contrary Relations, Look-A-Like Relations, Relations of Benefit, Relations of Supervision.

EDIT 3; another point of view could be that people that are considered ideal are people that are perceived as someone in a higher social rank a la Relations of Benefit and Relations of Supervision hence the highlighting of mentioned intertype relations. my point is that if you fill out the turbo xl test questions in a manner you consider ideal you might come out with the type that is your Benefactor or Supervisor. This could be a way to distinguish your type if that is something you experience difficulties with.

EDIT 4; the whole thing could probably be done in reverse to find the intertype that you find the least ideal

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