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Originally Posted by Vibration View Post
Do you like ambient music?

Originally Posted by SG View Post
Um, not sure about subliminal frequencies, you make it sound mysteriously complicated. Is this the one where they use binaural recordings? If so then what this have to do with biofeedback?

I personally did tried the binaural recordings myself and not too impressed with it. I also tried biofeedback or should I say neurofeedback and actually own my personal 2 channel EEG machine, and this stuff really works.
Not quite, it uses different frequencies that are 'out-of-focus' to stimulate brain waves (you don't actually hear them unless you listen for them) and your EEG and mood should respond. I have seen some pretty amazing neurofeedback on youtube, like someone going into a trance and isolating different brain waves, or completely freezing them and stopping all activity.

EDIT: Never mind you're right, it is binaural...I guess different people are more or less receptive to it.

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