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Default finding your dual?

so as I'm here reading some threads I find myself asking how is it that I can spot my dual...and I don't mean right away... how can I as an enfp figure out if the person I am talking to is my dual and what are perhaps are good questions I could ask them and what responses or hints should I look for... I am surrounded by my conflictors super egos and my identity's...Im really intrigued by the idea of finding my dual and seeing if a relationship with my dual would truly be as good as I've heard others have made it much of a daydreamer as I am, I believe I am realistic I realize that duality doesn't always mean it's going to work out...I also would love to be able to visually identify that would be so useful in my situation considering in my culture talking to opposite gender is not as easy as walking up to them and starting a convo

So yeah...
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