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Lol, yeah, like SG says, do you have any leads of your own, so to speak, about what type you might be?

Also, what kind of establishment is the restaurant you work at? Don't mean to be too intrusive, and please only answer if you feel comfortable, but I've observed that certain types do better in some resto environments than others. Say, a big chain rest. vs. a family run one, or a neighbourhood kinda place vs. fine dining etc.

So, you're not in touch with your best friend from a while back? Mind if I ask why? I have this really good friend whom i've known for over 2 decades now, and, even though i haven't seen her in about 8yrs., nothing seems to have changed whenever i speak to her on the phone. Same psychological distance, same comfort level etc. Anyway, about your friend, thought it was kinda curious you're not in touch at all, but maybe you had a falling out or sth...

I read some of your previous posts. I thought you infused them with a lil bit of Fe, so to speak, lol, so maybe Fe-creative wouldn't be worst typing given that and other things. Anyway, you sure know more about yourself than I do.
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