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Originally Posted by nahbee1235 View Post
ISFp... interesting... would you care to elaborate on how you reached your conclusion??

hmm... my friends & what I like about them... My best friend for what seemed like forever was an INXj. I liked that I could confide in her and know that she would not "spill the beans", so to speak. We spent most of our time together discovering new places & things, and using our combined imaginations to pretend we were living in different places or times, kind of hard to describe but that's what we did. After we moved apart from each other however, we maintained very limited contact with one other.... She's become quite domestic & career-focused, while I've decided to FML & party my life away...

There isn't a specific type of person or people I hang out with. As long as they are not judgmental, filled with 'unnecessary' rage/angst, or rude, then everything will be groovy...

Not having a social life = death for me. Sure, I like my having my days off where I work on my own projects, but if I go a few days without hearing from anyone, I start to get *really* depressed.

I'm currently working as a waitress, & it is like *the* perfect job for me.. I <3 it sooo much. I get to interact with new people constantly in a very fast-paced environment... plus $$ is good too, . I like that it's physical work, and when there's a "crisis" I'm the one who's directing everyone to make sure that the restaurant still runs smoothly. I get to use my ability to improvise wherever, whenever, with whatever is available, it's a true strength of mine.

There's more that I'll write, but I'm stopping here because it's already past 2 in the morning, and I have work in about 8 hours...
You must have at least an idea about your type, surely.
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