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Originally Posted by hkkmr View Post
Here is where I think you might have rejected it because of Ti, what I posted is not the most logically sound.

"The individual views reality through the lens of logic, immediately recognizing the correctness and appropriateness of things and their proper place in reality and in his system of views and behavior. The person freely makes logical assertions (often exaggerated) about new information and experience."

This is 1st function Ti from wiki-socion.
That doesn't really apply to me. It's something I'm capable of if I make a conscious effort, but I really couldn't care less about logical consistency half the time. It's only if I'm trying to prove something that I really bother to make an effort (in this case, my type argument). Hence why I rejected the function descriptions above - I was going out of my way to analyse them. If it were for someone else, I probably wouldn't have bothered responding.

Originally Posted by hkkmr View Post
Let's look at leading Ni function from wiki-socion

"As a base function, Introverted Intuition generally manifests itself through a lack of direct attention to the world around oneself, and a sense of detachment or freedom from worldly affairs. This can lead to a highly developed imagination and very unique mental world, but it can also result in a great deal of laziness and apparent inactivity. Because the individual gets his/her primary information about the world through imagination, a person with base Introverted Intuition may be able to thrive in situations where data are scarce, or where he/she lacks the usual prerequisite experience. However, this may also become a disadvantage if the person ignores real data about the world too much. The ability to transcend the axis of time and understand the cause and effect relationships that occur is also a feature, sometimes resulting in the ability to accurately predict general future trends and outcomes of certain events."

I just saw the way you processed and rejected what was written as Ti rather then Ni.

Ignore the si comment.
Si comment ignored. My rejection of the comments aside, I definitely identify with the leading Ni description there. I think an important thing to note is that, at least when it comes to forums like this, I'm not necessarily being myself as such. I can't really explain why this is, maybe I just don't feel comfortable revealing my inner world online. At least, not directly anyway. I don't know really.. I'll have to have a think about this.
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