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Oh, and Einstein being ENTp is the most god forsaken idiot idea I have ever heard in my life.
Amen to that! Einstein was a definite introvert -- anyone who knows the least bit about his life can see that clearly. Whoever typed him as an ENTp must have been obsessed by the Te content of his work and concluded that Te was his first function.

The guy changed our ideas of TIME for god's sakes. What more evidence do you need?
Ah, then there is a fundamental misunderstanding of what "introverted intuition," the intuition of time, is all about. Intuition of time is really intuition of sequence, which displays itself most commonly in the external world as intuition of (temporal) sequence, i.e. "time."

Einstein changed our notion of the structure of TIME; an idea that is a quintessential exemplar of intuition of potential -- black intuition.

Or was it that he wasn't a "businessman" and thus could not have been Gamma? LOL
That's more the point but still not quite it. First, forget about Myers-Briggs. Under MBTI Einstein was most definitely an INTP. Notwithstanding I would say that most MBTI INTPs are soconics INTj's. Augusta divided people differently than Isabel Myers-Briggs did. It isn't that a socionics INTp is interested in business necessarily; rather it is the way they think. The thinking of an INTp is methodological and ad hoc. Something Einstein wouldn't have abided. The man's life was dedicated to the pursuit of the single, permanent principle that governed the universe -- the ultimate extroverted intuition if you will.
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