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I'm not sure
I have been typing some people I know (had some help from someone who's a bit more experenced) and there seems to be a trend although I'm not sure how consistent it is, or how relevent it is.


INFp - Seems to be quite trusting of people, but at the same time has a very paranoid streak (thinks people follow her on buses etc.). She is drawn to new beliefs and has expressed a desire to join a cult on a number of occasions (she's a strangeone, can't tell if she's being ironic or not, very enigmatic). more niave about ideas...maybe? She's too mysterious to really tell

INFp - Has been paranoid in the past (has had alot of irrational fears about people), not so much now, has alot of belief in humanity but also shows a healthy scepticism, is very interested in spiritual, philosophical and psychological matters (she's the one who's been helping me type people). Can tend to believe what people tell her, without making her own judgements. more niave about ideas


INFj- very trusting of people, very open and friendly, will talk and befriend anyone, doesn't understand it when people react badly to him, havn't a clue about his spirituality/beliefs etc. he doeasn't really talk about it, although he definately has them and is very interested in other peoples beliefs. more niave about people

INFj- Has mixed in bad circles, used to be pretty paranoid in his youth, I imagine due to people not reacting in the way he hoped. Has now developed a more sceptical attitude towards people (in a healthy way). Has his own personal beliefs which have always been quite consistent. more niave about people

INFj- Socially he has had the same friends from a young age, so it is hard to say whether he is niave. I would say that he always tries to see the best in people and I've never heard him say a bad word about anyone (I've known him for over twenty years). Has a deep personal spiritual philosophy, totally illogical but consistent with his values. probably not relevant, but he has also told me he thinks he's evil. He rarely dreams but the ones he does have tend to involve him being drawn to this evil and him having to drag himself away. He's told me that this is because he thinks people walk all over him. Interesting guy.
His ideologies are weird but consistent, I think he realises he's innocent with people but can't do anything about it, more niave about people...maybe?

ENFp- Idealist but sceptical, this guy I think has more time for people than ideologies. He's a psychologist and I think that working with all the messed up people he's lost any innocence he may of had, he's looking for a career change. Not niave

ENFp- assuming I am an ENFp, I suppose I'm a bit of a sucker in both respects, probably more with people, I tend to give benefit of the doubt, been scammed a couple of times (on the other hand I've managed to talk my way out of some very dicey situations by appealing to bad peoples better nature, so it swings both ways) NIAVE FOOOOOL!
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