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Lightbulb Greetings Earthlings

Originally Posted by Cyclops View Post
Reflecting, emitting, what about absorbing
What about transmitting?

Originally Posted by Vibration View Post
But what about lasering -creating stimulated emission instead? The contents of the message line up in parallell, become a coherent brilliant laser beam shining on a focused spot creating deep understanding within that illuminated area!?
That is for INTJs only (like Niels Bohr, the father of the discrete states that permit population inversions).

Originally Posted by Vibration View Post
Basically, I wonder if many other ENTps suffer from the same dilemma, i.e., they have to prove things to other people. And that causes meaningless pain.
I smell a lot of prestige in all ENTps I know.
I too am a composer; I also like to jam and improvise freely. I am not sure about the solution to your problem, but you might want to look into Type 3 Enneagrams; they are motivated to glorify this ideal.

I am:
I(100%) N(100%) T(100%) J(66%)
R(82%) C(90%) O(82%) E(90%) I(90%)
5(112%) w6(71%)
and 100% LII - I'm surprised at the conspicuous absence of this notation in the forums (I was quite certain that this was the official jargon of socionics). I am an experimental physicist working with molecular films and their surface interactions at atomic resolution; I have also worked in sex pheromone discovery and light detection and ranging. I value theories that are supported beyond reference contexts.

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