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Originally Posted by mihai_m View Post
It's ok to mention it, but please be aware: the fact that I've taken your response as Irrational has nothing to do with the conflicting information that I see - actually I'm more convinced you're and my only confusion is if you're Alpha or Delta. Btw, a video might have helped, I don't know why you didn't answer anything about it.

I will post in the other thread my intention to keep the ideas separated (again).

Edit: it seems nobody is interested actually in the explanation itself, but rather in that little (and low importance importance) remark about your type . But that can be told when and if any reply will be posted, at least you don't seem interested but is is also possible that I extended your idea too much - out of your initial purpose.
The explanation itself is rather irrelevant since there is obviously something wrong with it -- because we know that your conclusion is false. So, why should we bother to dig deeply into a theoretical explanation that is contradicted by the empirical evidence, which clearly and indisputably indicates that Cyclops is most likely an SLI? And even if Cyclops, for some obscure and not yet known reason, is not an SLI, we know for a fact that there is no way in hell that he can be an IEE or ILE. Sometimes must take a stand and show the explanations to the door ...
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