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Originally Posted by mihai_m
Your post imo is again typical Irrational speculation (yeah that again means I don't think you're SLI, check your PM, btw).
Hi, I wasn't quite sure whether to respond on other thread or pm, but I thought i'd put it here just now incase too many informations spread out over other threads, although maybe i'll take it to pm at some point.

I think you mentioned that you see some conflicting informations in me, if it's OK to mention that? Anyway, I can see that being the case, and I can see from some angles how I wouldn't be as easy to type as some other people can be.

I thought i'd resurrect this informations about me:

Which may help.

Something else about me which may seem Fe valuing in some ways, I realised some point in the past that I can be quite direct and to the point with people at times. This can happen when i'm not aware of it, so it can cause offense to some people and I haven't realised it. So it's something I worked on to pay attention to my delivery, this way I am better at making my point to people whilst not unknowingly alienating them, so it's better overall to be able to get on with people without causing offense when it's not intended. So this may be the Fe valueing that you see at times.

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