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Originally Posted by pandapanda View Post
I think I'd get on with him well in real life, funnily enough. When my ENFj friend writes things on the internet, she has a similar effect on me. She even does the text langauge and smilies thing. Yet she's my best friend.
Interesting. I've found my quasi to be a bit too stuffy for me to have fun..for some reason I can be quite spontaneous sometimes but this seems to unnerve them - they like everything planned out before and they get unsettled when they see some screwball with a plan but yet somehow making it all up as he goes a long lol. They're ok for a quick pint here and they're though and they're really good workers.

ENFj's i've found that we actually have a lot of respect for each other, but when our communication moves beyond the initial then things we pull back, talk, and the cycle continues.
Yeah..hmm...I'm an ENFj and you're an ISTj. Let's have a dictatorship together - I'll be the figurehead with the personality cult and you can run the secret police.
I would legalise concubines for men..and the state would pay for them.
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