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Originally Posted by pandapanda View Post
I think I'm being kind of rude to him, which bothers me, but I'm sure he's my quasi-identical. We have similar misunderstandings as other quasi-identicals on this board (you know, the INTjs and INTps with their 'you misinterpreted me' stuff). One of us must be an ENFj, and my money's on kensi. We cannot be Identicals.

And yeah, I'm struck by how much he likes to show his own thoughts rather than hear other people's.
Hey, i'm not a great advice giver on these subjects, but fwiw, I don't think you are being rude. However, re my advice haha..i've found that the best way to get on with my quasi and my conflictor is to have minimal contact with them. If I keep things to simple "hello" and not much else then it's usually ok. I find things worse with my conflictor though.

In regards to kensi I think he's a nice guy, but I have to agree with you in that I can't understand what he's thinking half the time. (No offense kensi) but he's certainly not my dual. If he is ENFp then I must be ISTj. It's a strange one.

But I have to agree with you panda..if he is someone who talks so much but listens so little, how would he be expected to get to know his dual ISTp who seems to be a bit of a mystery to most people? And ENFp's are known for being good people observers I've tended to think..would that not require some form of tactful listening skill also?
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