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Originally Posted by IntjWurm View Post
I'm not partial to content, I like the act of reasoning in general; I also think socionics has a valid foundation, even if I cannot tear it to even smaller shreds when I feel like it. I guess I have some pretty distinct INTp characteristics:

INTps are good at noticing contradictions in theories or opinions and can focus others attention to this (I think you might already be convinced of this, and it's stated at the end of my profile); Through observation and their own experiences INTps can create a precise model of others behaviour allowing INTps to predict peoples next moves (like the use of group theory to formulate the interaction of Reinin dichotomies); When asking someone for something, they usually do it in such a way as to rarely be denied (I notice this everytime I need something); INTps usually work slowly, paying a lot of attention to detail (yeah but I do a hell of a good job, sometimes my bosses yell at me for this though).

I also have the typical OCD - For example, they may wash their hands more often than others do...INTps may check that all home appliances are off many times before leaving.

However I also have some distinctly INTj qualities:

INTjs always give others a chance to say what they need to say. They consider that everyone has got talents and they try at least not to interfere.

INTjs are not very demanding. They are often indifferent to food and its presentation. It can be simple but must be fresh. When involved in something interesting they can completely forget that they need to eat. In everyday matters INTjs are modest and are happy to have a minimum degree of comfort (this is very much me).
On the whole I think that you were right to type me as INTp, and you were both pretty quick to spot it too, so thanks (and just pretend the j is capitalized)...
No problems.
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