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Originally Posted by Prometheus View Post

. And you are also, as you have described yourself, an INTJ in MBTT.
Obviously, you dont know what you're talking about. MBTI INTJ is gamma no different than Socionics INTp. Your interpretations seem to be your own personal fantasies. If there are other factors which give rise to inconsistencies then those are Subtype issues. You cant safely get into subtype issues cause there isn't a valid model but only theories.

Originally Posted by IntjWurm View Post

I'm still seeing a hell of a lot more gamma(INTp) from that pic despite there obviously being a possibility that you have well developed alpha structure(TiNe) of knowledge as well as a sub-trait. Perhaps this is why you're sucessfull in your knowledge pursuits??--- you've developed your sub-quasi rationalizations.

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