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Originally Posted by IntjWurm View Post
Those were to defend the alpha quadrant (scientific knowledge) and introverted thinking (verbal ability), both being very characteristic of INTJ. I never stated my IQ, and it is not 160, I was merely illustrating a point (my real IQ is much lower). You should not read deeply into my motivations, because it is obvious that I am providing information to people who still haven't decided that my type is decidedly INTp on the basis of perceived hostility and correlated ideologies (and you could show them a little consideration).
Ok. You should also be aware that socionics does not make distinctions with too much emphasis in such a way, as a for instance, I know of an ENTj with a PHD in chemical engineering and he is a scientist in this field. Scientific knowledge or interest is not just a premise of alpha, but I can see where you are going now. (I fwiw, would be reluctant to associate Ti with verbal ability, [perhaps maybe some of the other functions when blocked together] it is on it's own a theoretical function, and in an information block, I really don't see how it would impact more so than other elements, well for INTp's and INTj's..if at all ..however not trying to confuse you )

I also do not think anyone has 100% decided that you are INTp BTW, and your motivations are also not as obvious as you say

Originally Posted by complicater-complexer View Post
Isn't ISTp also Fe PoLR?
Yes. It seems to manifest in slightly different ways and situations than INTp one.

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