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Originally Posted by SG View Post
Just out of curiosity, what did the test result say?

BTW, pm me if you want this thread locked, same goes for anyone else, if you don't like where things are going (within the reason of course) threads could always be locked or even deleted.
Thanks SG. The test result was conclusively INTJ. Thus far this thread seems to be an authentic speculation as to whether I could be better typed, which I am willing to endure for the sake of argument.

Originally Posted by RSV3 View Post
Fair enough. Like I have said before, I never gave a definitive statement as to your type but rather suggested a possible alternative (INTp); and you very well may be INTj. But I will give you some more concrete reasons why I believe you are INTp.
Can you explain where I seem to self-sacrifice?

Can you point out where and how I can expect a profit?

As for my love of raw empirical data, it is the only type that doesn't change to fit my own cognitive representations (of which the poorest thinkers are capable), and separates the quacks from the visionaries. It is also my nature to share information and allow you to draw your own conclusions because I do not want to influence your thought and stifle your own creative process. However I also theorize constantly, visible in the forums from the source of my inability to sense the environment when I wake up to the possible preference of sense-oriented information metabolism such as VI in 'S' types. I also tend to view evolution as a discrete 'event-based phenomenon' (), which manifests in the corruption of individual genes, as a opposed to a gradual temporal process (). Your next three conclusions do reflect me somewhat as I am typically not aware of the passing of ritual celebrations because they have little personal relevance. I am also very direct and very point-oriented (though for knowledge α and not profit γ). Lastly, you have misinterpreted my loathing for inconsistent logic (which induces an abominable lapse of communication) as a prejudice of content (with which I do not identify for practical purposes). I am still critical of your perspective not because it addresses my type but because you have only now begun to support your allegations, and not once in this discussion have I claimed that I was certainly INTJ; I have only presented evidence in support of my own understanding. The statements regarding Te are equally applicable to INTJ as INTP. I have nothing against speculation because I am always doing it...however, I am very critical of those who would pass their own preconceptions as a relevant working model of physical phenomena. I thank you for your observations, but they seem to reflect (with the exception of the super ego analysis) a more Superficial than iNtimate correlation with the standard classifications. Lastly, you should realize that I am sharing my introverted ideas with you because I am defending my position, and not attacking yours. And also, where I am from everyone abuses psychotropic agents.

Originally Posted by kensi View Post
Computational Biophysics. Do you think your personality led you to this field cause you have a knack for it?

Computational= NiTe ??
Bio= SeFi ??
Physics= TiNe ??

i seem to be picking up a lot of stimulatory Te energy from you, and your ability to make connections is extraordinary ,Ni,............... unless of course there is some other axis on which these assertations are reversed....hmmm.
Thank you. I am actually pretty equally drawn to biological systems and elementary particles, but I am working in the former because the theory is more accessible and the math is more familiar to me.
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