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Originally Posted by Prometheus View Post
Maybe, but we have no reason to believe that. His test results is the most reliable source of informatin on his type that we have access to.
This is true, perhaps we should therefore try to gather some more information in this regard. Can you think of anything which may be useful in his case?

Also, perhaps it could be useful if he give his views on this:

I have thought the same as you here, but I am not sure it is such a strong argument. It has some strength to it, but it is not conclusive, and there might be other possible interpretations of that behaviour.
I agree.
From my INTp perspective his conclusion seems to be based on his (incorrect) interpretation of the theory rather than on a comparison with reality.
Then that should of course be noted.
That argument is rather strained.
You have not a reasonable case yet. First of all you have to explain his test results, which is an anomaly. And does he say that he identifies with INTP descriptions in MBTT? I have thought that he identifies with INTJ, and if so, that is another strong argument for LII.
He has mentioned that he used to identify with INTP (or that he used to think he was INTP) until he tested out as INTJ..or something like this..I actually noticed in this thread. I'm not sure what his stand is on that now.
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