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Originally Posted by Cyclops View Post
I'm not sure about what test results he's had, but it is possible that they are misconstrued by intpworm not fully understanding the questions of the test etc.
Maybe, but we have no reason to believe that. His test results is the most reliable source of informatin on his type that we have access to.

Originally Posted by Cyclops
Although it's true he's posted only for a while, I think there is enough there so far which would suggest INTp rather than INTj.
That's questionable.

Originally Posted by Cyclops
For instance, when you view his somewhat 'socially' confrontation stance, it is similar if not pretty close to what one often can see in an Fe PoLR type. His noted antagonistic approach is also something which can be attributed to the INTp's way of looking to draw others out to find what they are thinking - because their Ni likes to consider other possibilities and seek the other opinions in relation to this (much in the way of Paul James' description of said type)
I have thought the same as you here, but I am not sure it is such a strong argument. It has some strength to it, but it is not conclusive, and there might be other possible interpretations of that behaviour.

Originally Posted by Cyclops
Also..something else, his logical conclusions relate to what he sees as facts. For instance, he concluded earlier that only S types use VI -> based on (rather poor of course) empirical evidence..that I use it and I am S and that you use it (him seeming to believe you are S)
From my INTp perspective his conclusion seems to be based on his (incorrect) interpretation of the theory rather than on a comparison with reality.

Originally Posted by Cyclops
I also suspect he is combining this with his apparently skewed version (I refer to most hated types when he reveals some of his understanding of S and N dichotomy) of the dichotomies, this shows a certain Te factual information-connection taking place on his part..although clearly he is wrong on his conclusions.
That argument is rather strained.

Originally Posted by Cyclops
Note how he tried to collaborate more empirical type evidence by opening a thread with a set of questions on this (which is now a poll)

Of course this isn't the be all and end all, but it is a reasonable case (at least to start) to suspect the INTp over INTj (and yes..possibly INTP also it would seem)
You have not a reasonable case yet. First of all you have to explain his test results, which is an anomaly. And does he say that he identifies with INTP descriptions in MBTT? I have thought that he identifies with INTJ, and if so, that is another strong argument for LII.

Originally Posted by RSV3 View Post
We are not getting into a MBTI-socionics conversion discussion again!
We don't need to, if you just accept the facts.

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