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Default 4 sentence discriptions of each type

I would like to see the four sentence description of each type used in the Socionics type assistant. The type assistant is used on this website.

Here is what I mean. After you finish the test, you get a discription. Mine was as an INTp: It read:

"If your type is INTp a.k.a. Intuitive-Logical Intratim "The Observer", you are confident and concrete regarding your own beliefs and fantasies, creative and inventive regarding your expertise in know-how and how-to, delicate and insecure regarding how you feel about something or someone, and you wish to have a clear perception and consistency regarding your physical strength or position of authority."

Can I see these for all 16 types? Not any other discription of all 16 types. The particular descriptions used on the type assistant.
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