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Default Re: George W. Bush type

I am not a conspiracy theorist, but to me it seems that Bush is not really "dumb" in the sense that he is a blithering idiot. I just think that he is a man with privelidge that gained a position with this privelidge he had. He doesn't really care about politics or anything(like most of the country), he's just riding the opportunities. "wow, I can be president?!" he took this opportunity because it was available to him. He can't make competent decisions because he doesn't pay attention to the issues.

So many other people are willing and anxiously trying to make decisions for him for their own motivations that he never has to think a single bit. His speeches are written, his campaigns are funded, and all he has to do is make the highest bidder happy and he gets a nice big paycheck or a pat on the back. He has no grand vision or perspective, he has no real opinion at all on the matters. like clinton he is just a face, an image. The adivisers to him all seem to have the same motivations as the people that propose new bills for him to sign, and which enemies to choose.

He looks to me like he is SO uninterested in the welfare of the country that he just says anything. You look at the people who have been pulling the strings in washingtion, and the people who run the media and write the president's speeches- they're all pretty much the same people. You look at the war america is in, and who is benefiting, the picture starts to become pretty clear what is going on.
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