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Now we're up to 84 page views, that's okay. Naw, I think I'm an INFj. Most recent relationship was with an ISTp, and as ideal as he was, I just didn't have what an ENFp could give him. And I mean he was IDEAL, like the boyfriend I had always longed for/imagined. Same values, same taste in music/t.v. shows/movies, same quirky sense of humor, economical, smelled really good (yeah, I know, strange thing to want, but it definitely is an attractive quality to have), and on and on.... it's just that his I__P tendencies made me question if I could rely on him and I suppose my I__J-ness made him eventually bail (although, he was considerate enough to write a nice letter explaining why). Kind of frustrating, but oddly enough, that relationship helped me to get over a lot of things that happened in my past. Frustrating, exciting, disappointing, and liberating. And the unfortunate heartache. He's the only other person I've let myself be vulnerable with in a romantic relationship; the other being my first love, who I'm fairly certain was an ESTj.

What really made it click in my head that it was a relation of activity, was reading the description on, where it mentioned that the two types kind of lead lives separate from each other. That's how it felt. Though we often understood each other & resolved any conflicts fairly easily, we did our own things without relying on or communicating with the other. Kind of like, we each did our own things out in the world, took care of our own needs, and then came back to "nest" with each other. When we were just hanging out and being goofy with each other, those were the best times. Like we'd be great roommates/friends with benefits. *sigh* It'd be nice to have an ISTp & an ESTj... or am I just being greedy..
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