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Default Trio of Gamma's?

Sooo, last night I went with 2 other girls to a plateau over looking a lake in town.

me (ESFp?)
ISFj girl
and possibly an ENTj girl.

as I'm driving my car out to the plateau, me and ISFj girl get into a conversation about how cool it would be to take a trip to explore where the Texas Chain Saw Massacre occurred. ENTj(?) girl becomes a little frightened and says" no! that is not something you want to do. you two are crazy, and you're scaring me"

me and ISFj girl laugh, and continue to talk about how amazing it would be to do something like that. as I continue to drive my car out to our destination, we go down a long narrow dark road, ENTj girl says (to me) "have you really come out here by yourself?" I nod yes, I come out here at night when no one's around to cry by myself.. ENTj girl "You're so brave!" I chuckle.

at the plateau, there's a side of it where concrete has been laid down to make a decline down into the lake. I make my way down, and ENTj girl goes "stop! I'm not going down there! The water's too dark, you don't know what's in it." I chuckle, and continue to proceed down the concrete path.

We take a bunch of pictures out there. ENTj girl is a great! photographer, so we get some awesome pics.

Afterwards we all head to Wal-Mart to buy some ingredients for the cookies we're going to make today. ENTj girl mentions she only has $6, and lists the things she wants to get. ISFj girl immediately says "okay, we need to prioritize what we need to get" ENTj girl "well, definitely the white chocolate chips" I mention that I know someone who has chocolate syrup, so we don't need to buy any.

When we find the chocolate chips, ENTj girl grabs the first one she sees into the basket. The three of us stand there still searching, until I find a bag of chocolate chips that is about 20 cents cheaper and tell ENTj girl to get them instead, 'cause duh! they're cheaper. ISFj girl reminds ENTj girl that we are on a budget, so it's a good thing.

Then we spend about an hour roaming around Wal-Mart looking at practically everything. During that time, the three of us also decide on what we are going to do together tomorrow. We make our way back to the grocery section, and ENTj girl wants a box of cereal. So chooses a box and puts it in the basket. I make a mental note that it's a $1.94 for the cereal, and it was $2.14 for the chocolate chips, so I tell ENTj girl that we can ice cream that's $2 or under, breaking down how I figured that out.

So ENTj girl finds a pint of ice cream that's about $1.86, I don't exactly remember. Anyway, she becomes super excited, and says "well, it's only going to be the three of us, so we don't need that much ice cream anyway, and there'll be one scoop for you (ISFj girl), one scoop for me, and one scoop for you (me)." I say "yeah, those are going to be really big scoops", and we all kinda chuckle.

SOOOOO, what quadra does this sound like?
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