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So, from the following table:
MBTI Cognitive functions
INTP Ti Ne Si Fe Te Ni Se Fi
ISTP Ti Se Ni Fe Te Si Ne Fi
ENTJ Te Ni Se Fi Ti Ne Si Fe
ESTJ Te Si Ne Fi Ti Se Ni Fe
INTJ Ni Te Fi Se Ne Ti Fe Si
INFJ Ni Fe Ti Se Ne Fi Te Si
ENTP Ne Ti Fe Si Ni Te Fi Se
ENFP Ne Fi Te Si Ni Fe Ti Se
ISTJ Si Te Fi Ne Se Ti Fe Ni
ISFJ Si Fe Ti Ne Se Fi Te Ni
ESTP Se Ti Fe Ni Si Te Fi Ne
ESFP Se Fi Te Ni Si Fe Ti Ne
INFP Fi Ne Si Te Fe Ni Se Ti
ISFP Fi Se Ni Te Fe Si Ne Ti
ENFJ Fe Ni Se Ti Fi Ne Si Te
ESFJ Fe Si Ne Ti Fi Se Ni Te
Which lines are incorrect, should just the cognitive functions of P/J types be interchanged for the Introverts?

And also, it seems then that according to Socionics dual types are really both Ps or both Js (so called Irrational/Rational). I find it hard to accept that, because I think J+P should be necessary for the most complementary combos. One side to be more organized and directive than the other; if both are Ps or both are Js - there will be more problems and clashes, I expect. There seems to be a great attraction in MBTI among pairs of the kind:
ISTJ+ESTP , ISFP+ESFJ , ENFP+INFJ, and so on... but Socionics seems to reject that.
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