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Originally Posted by noler View Post
That's very frustrating if Socionics and MBTI cannot be bridged... Everything seems the same, only the Introverted types flip P/J, or don't, in some aspects.
Everything is the same. The types are the same. The introverted types NEVER flip. There is no J/P switch and there never has been. It's really very simple if you only keep in mind that MBTI has got the functions of the introverted types wrong. The leading (dominant) function of an MBTI INFP is Ni, not Fi. And the descriptions of the functions in MBTI is incorrect.

Originally Posted by noler
What MBTI lacks is an intertype chart, such as this one:

Isn't it possible to translate it to MBTI?
It's exactly the same intertype relations in MBTI. There is no problem what so ever. The relations are identical. The Dual type of the INFP is the ESTP in MBTI too.

Originally Posted by noler
What I meant about duality is - it has exactly the same cognitive functions, for example:
Fi-Ne-Si-Te --- INFP-ESTJ --- Te-Si-Ne-Fi -----> It's the same thing, but reversed.
You just have to forget about the functions. The functions in MBTI is just crap. The type INFP is the Dual partner to the type ESTP and nothing else. It doesn't matter what "functions" they are supposed to have in MBTI here. The MBTI functions don't exist in the real types.

Originally Posted by stanprollyright View Post
The dichotomies are not the same, the functions aren't either.
Wrong. The dichotomies are exactly the same. The functions in MBTI are wrong, however (and they don't exist).

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