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As many of the "warning" areas of the duality descriptions state, duality does not equate to a perfect relationship, they're other factors involved such as beliefs, values, goals, etc.
I'm not sure what you mean by "not challenging enough to create growth" because I don't view challenging someone to cause anything but conflict.

Duals do contribute to each others self-growth but it's done more naturally and comfortably, rather than trying to change the other into something that they're not, and don't want to be.
Bad intertype relationships just lead to under appreciation and feelings of inadequacy, in this case you're not actually growing but stagnating.

Not to mention that no one will go through life without any bumps in the road, and it's during those times that one most needs their dual

If you feel that the type listed as your dual is not alluring or comforting enough it's more likely that you have either mistyped yourself or/and mistyped those whom you typed as your dual
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