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Lightbulb Best marriage / life-partnership relations - Duality?? Contrary??

Hello! So is Duality really the "optimal" relationship?

I guess I've been among those without Dual interaction during childhood. For me the stongest match has always seemed to be Contrary:

But as mentioned, it requires full isolation of the couple from the world. As long as they are alone - I think those are the most stimulating relationships for each side. Somehow, Duality is stable, but limited; not challenging enough to create growth. And Contrary relations are very unstable in short terms, but if they could work on the long run - partners could get the best out of each other; really much more than they could expect they are capable of.

What do you think? Stability or growth? Or something else?
I think when the environment is very unstable, I'd bet on Duality, but if the environment is stable - I'd prefer Contrary relationships.
Maybe you have a better suggestion??
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