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Originally Posted by MDarman View Post
I don't know Tyson, so I can't say what I expect from him; what I expect from ISTp is what I expect in my duals; Te, work when needed to work and make love to me, provide pleasurable things for us to do. Encourage me to get out and do things without stressing me out. Se is too much movement for me and not enough emphasis on you work now (with regards to time to work) and you rest now (with regards to Si). But, just so happends that with ISTp's I get overload on rest, because they are heavy on R&R and that frustrates me about them; work awaits, please get stuff done, thanks...anyway, not to sound upset, just thinking about my workaholic X-ISTp BF; I liked him a lot but work was misdirected; I wanted him to focus on the work that I tought was important, stuff that traditionally men are supposed to do, like hang us blinds and fix the lighting, not to leave it to me to call the electrician...ISTp's to me do other work that their duals admire that I have no use for so their Te only frustrates me and doesn't help me. For example, I find ISTp's overfocus on work that brings in lots of money, I like focus on work that is more balanced, bring in the money, but set yourself aside to do the things Te does (checks up on the outdated tech stuff, fix big things around the home, buy a new lawnmore and don't wait so long to do it because you're buys focusing on Si of the moment).
OK but that doesn't explain how you see Tyson and Nate as ISTp from what I can tell.

Edit: You say you don't know much about Tyson, or don't 'know' (?) him like you say it's easy to read up on him, afaik most people exposed to TV, newspaper and internet (I assume you are exposed to 3rd as you post on internet) know about him without having to research, maybe it was just a VI thing that you applied that you type him by, hmmm.

OK, I guess i'm curious how you see Nate using Si and Te, although it's no biggie in bigger picture, end of day we are all entitled to our opinions and i'm pretty sure I probably don't justify mines completely at times.

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