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Default Re: Hypothetical question

Hmmm, well going back Jung actually origionally described introversion and extroversion in very simple terms. Extroverts being more concerned with what goes on inside and outside of others and the surrounding in an impersonal way(representing an emphasis on space) and introversion as an awareness of what goes on inside and around you and how it relates to you specifically and personally (representing an emphasis on time).

So, when you think about that and in the context that Jung origionally intended, it is actually rather to silly to imply that people themselves are introverts and extroverts, when in reality it is actually the 8 functions people use that are introverted and extroverted.

However, if you want to throw blame around for screwing up Jung's theory with unnecessary stereotyping, point to Hans Eysenck. He challenged Jung on the concept of extraversion and introversion and introduced various bogus theories that have plagued personality theory since. He is also the reason why I believe that MBTI is so screwed up, since MBTI used Eysenck's theories of extraversion and introversion and not those of Jung.

Fortunatelly, Socionics follows closer to Jungs line of thinking and avoids the theories of Eysenck. Jung actually knew what he was talking about, Eysenck did not necessarily.
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