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Default Re: How seriously do people take MBTI/Socionics?

I see typing as a tool. Theories are works in progress, and they can always be improved upon or disputed. Personally personality testing has helped me understand how very differently individuals may see and explore their world. It has not always been accurate, and there are things that cannot be explained by it, but I don't expect it to "decode me". There are a number of factors that make me who I am, and it's impossible for typology to conceive of all the factors which effect the attitudes and lives of every human being every minute of every day for as long as they live.
I find it interesting (and fun), but I don't try to justify its accuracy. It may work for me but not work at all for you, and I don't think it has to-everyone doesn't fit in nice little pigeonholes, and why should they? Forcing yourself to be a type as defined by a group of people based on some theory or another would be missing the point, I think.
That being said, people can take any idea to its extreme. You'll find die hard fans of football teams who will be ready to clobber you to a bloody pulp over a penalty. There are people who believe that anyone who denies that the earth is flat will burn in hell. It is strange or even unnerving, but it doesn't mean that one can't enjoy the concept without drowning in details.
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