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Originally Posted by natemaldonado View Post
I read people like a book, I know when people are intimidated, nervous, upset, pissed, gonna ask me for something... I appreciate when people cut the bullshit out and are direct about something. I am one to understand and not weep. All the bosses I have ever had appreciate my no nonsense approach towards goals of the organization and how I perform individually.

I've been doing some research and the more I read the more comfortable I feel as an ISTp

You are certainly ISTp and those words you used to describe yourself are a carbon copy of my X's speech on him recognizing the internal feelings of others and indicating

Originally Posted by Cyclops View Post
Ah, well if it is choice between SLE and SLI then I go for SLE, you look Se leading imo from your photo - I don't see Si leading.

The stuff you talk about, here and on the other thread, you sound too tactically aware to be Si leading, but Se leading fits more naturally. I'd recommend you look into ESFp too but my opinion is that Se type is the way to go for you.
They are very tactical (that's a lot of Te); that's why they make awesome sportsmen; because they can see the ball or the game plan before anyone else can; Cyclops, you need to VI, seriously!!! Especially awesome basketball players.

would you call yourself more optimistic or pessimistic as in you can see things turning out well or as badly as possible?

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